Electronic Lira SLi

SLi is a new digital currency that is built on blockchain technology. The currency is designed to be fast, secure, and accessible to everyone. SLi is based on the Polygon network, which is a fast and efficient blockchain that is optimized for decentralized applications.

More about SLi

Discover more about SLi, a new cryptocurrency that's gaining traction in the digital asset market. Here are some compelling reasons why you should consider investing in SLi:

Potential for price growth:
SLi's value has the potential to increase significantly in the future, and it's unlikely to drop to extremely low levels, such as $0.0001.
Listed on major decentralized exchanges:
SLi is already available on popular decentralized platforms like Apeswap, Uniswap, and 1inch. Plus, as of September 1st, it will be listed on additional top-tier exchanges.
Fast and affordable money transfers:
With SLi, you can transfer funds between parties quickly and with minimal fees, which can even reach zero.
Compatible with Polygon network:
SLi is available on the Polygon network, a popular scaling solution that offers fast and cheap transactions.
30% discount for early investors:
Take advantage of a 30% discount when purchasing SLi through selected discount platforms.
Promising future price growth:
Analysts predict that SLi's price is expected to rise in the near future, presenting an opportunity for potential gains.
Easily exchangeable on various platforms:
SLi can be exchanged on multiple decentralized platforms like Apeswap, Uniswap, Metamask, and 1inch, at a current price of $0.0001.

Our Purpose

At SLi, we aim to solve the issues associated with traditional currencies by offering a decentralized and transparent alternative. Our currency is designed to appreciate in value over time, ultimately reaching the value of one ounce of gold. Represented by the symbol SLi, our currency will be available for purchase at a starting price of $0.0001 per unit.

SLi Roadmap

This roadmap outlines our goals, ambitions and vision for Electronic Lira (SLi).


January and February
We will lock the proposed quantities.
We will list our currency on several major platforms.
We will integrate the currency into the first game of the SLi game series, allowing it to be traded and withdrawn to external wallets.
The currency will be launched on the BNB network.
The currency will be added to the second game in the SLi game series.
We will launch the currency on the Fantom network.
We will add the currency to the third game in the SLi game series.
SLi will be launched on the ETC network.
We will integrate SLi into the fourth game of the SLi game series.
SLi will be launched on the ETH network.
SLi will be added to the fifth game of the SLi game series.

You are here ...


SLi will be launched on the Avalanche network.


While we acknowledge that reaching the price of one ounce of gold will not be easy, we are committed to working tirelessly towards achieving our goal.

Airdrop ... A new round coming soon.

Submit your Polygon wallet address to participate in the airdrop, you will receive 1000 SLi tokens.
Note: You will receive your token at the end of the pre-sale period

SLi is proud to be listed on:

SLI Token

Contract address
Polygon Mainnet 0xabcc2d69431f0a4ce29cd13bf4a85981aadff2e3
Token Symbol: SLi
Decimals: 8

Why it's perfect?

Contract source code verified
No proxy
No mint function
No function retrieves ownership
Owner can't change balance
No hidden owner
can not self destruct
No external call risk
No codes to suspend trading.
No trading cooldown function
No anti_whale
Tax cannot be modified
No blacklist
No whitelist
No tax changes
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